Prayer Groups

Because of the current Corona virus social distancing restrictions, prayer groups are not currently meeting. However, prayer is vital at this time.

What to pray

We want to encourage you to push into God and pray what you feel the Holy Spirit is leading. However, if you need some guidance, please pray for the following:

Healing for those who are sick and dying
Provision for those who are in lack
Peace for those who are overwhelmed by the sudden changes and lockdown restrictions
Connection for those feeling isolated
Safety for those vulnerable at this time
Sound minds for those struggling with mental health issues

These issues are real in this nation and the nations. For more information and regular updates from FTSOTW partners – check out our Facebook page.

Let’s stand together in prayer to see change happen in this nation and the nations of the world.

To facilitate ongoing prayer for the sake of the world, we have set up a prayer calendar and would invite you to book a slot and pray from the comfort of your own home.