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For the Sake of the World is God’s idea.

As Prayer Communications Leader for MAF UK, I understand that to see change, we need to pray.

The idea of a prayer conference started with MAF in mind, but God took over and spoke of the power found in humility, diversity and unity. His ways are always higher (Isaiah 55:8-9).

MAF is a global mission movement that facilitates and enables partners to reach those in isolation across the nations. So, the question became, why not facilitate and enable connection and partnership here in the UK too?

For the Sake of the World is something new, recognising the broader picture of missional need. God has promised to do something new –  in fact He has already started (Isaiah 43:19).

For the Sake of the World is more than a conference. It is more than any one organisation or group. It is about God’s people praying to see the world radically transformed.


Victoria Fagg
Prayer Communications Leader MAF UK

Day overview:

We open with praise (Psalm 100:4), uniting to glorify the risen King! As we journey through the day, we will learn how to position ourselves for intercession: aligned, covered, effective and expectant.

We will hear about the wider missional needs across the globe, specifically looking at planting churches in the Global South, reaching the remote and isolated, as well as the challenges of the mission field to those who feel called to the UK.

Breakout workshops will offer an opportunity to delve deeper in specific types of prayer including Worship and Prayer, Creative Prayer, Contemplative Prayer and Raising Young People to Pray.

The evening will be a time of celebration and declaration. A time of praying for the UK, calling out the next generation of missionaries, intercessors and financiers.

A time to release a shout, a cry, a song.

We will see the world changed as a result of this day.

We gather together - For the Sake of the World.

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