About Us

What is For the Sake of the World?

For the Sake of the World is a new prayer initiative facilitated by Mission Aviation Fellowship in partnership with Elim Missions, Wycliffe Bible Translators and Prayer Storm.

The purpose of this initiative is to ignite sustainable communities of mission focused prayer in the UK and beyond.


The world we live in is crying out for a move of God like never before.

Throughout the developing world people are experiencing famine, displacement, war, hunger, sickness and fear. Here in the UK, our towns and cities are experiencing record levels of unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness and fractured families – leading to discouragement, isolation and intolerance. We are living in a time of perpetual hopelessness.

We know that, to see change, we need to pray.

It was during a season of pushing into God for the bigger picture that He started to speak to MAF about the power found in humility, unity and diversity; about the Body of Christ crossing cultural barriers and joining together; standing and believing His promises of restoration, healing, redemption and provision.

As a global mission movement, MAF facilitates and enables our 2,000 partner groups to reach people in dangerous, remote and isolated areas across the world that are in need of physical, spiritual and practical help. The question became, why not partner and connect with friends in the UK too to facilitate a fresh movement of prayer for the nations?

We are in no doubt that ‘For the Sake of the World’ is God’s idea. It recognises the broader picture of a hurting world in need of God’s healing. It acknowledges the call and the promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14: ‘If my people… will humble themselves and pray… I will heal their land.’

Getting Started

As the vision landed in 2017, God began to open doors of connection with significant ministries. Partnering with Betty King Ministries, Prayer Storm, Elim Missions, Missio Africanus and Kingdom Worship Movement, plans began for MAF to host a mission focused prayer conference to be held in Birmingham on 3 November 2018. A bold vision – the dream was to share the need, equip in intercession, declare God’s purposes, mobilise ongoing prayer and unite the Body of Christ.

As we gathered at the Bethel Convention Centre, God’s presence was tangible. The worship was incredible as Noel Robinson, Helen Yousaf and Rebecca Aladiran led with the Kingdom Worship team. The teaching from Rev Betty King, Dr Harvey Kwiyani and James Aladiran was thought provoking, inspiring and challenging all at the same time. Paul Hudson from Elim Missions and Mike Fagg from MAF shared the many needs that exist across the globe. Delegates heard testimonies from overseas missionaries and took part in various workshops.


Moving forward

It is our privilege at MAF to work alongside Elim Missions, Prayer Storm and Wycliffe Bible Translators as we launch For the Sake of the World prayer plants across the UK.

Beginning with a core group of pastors, a rhythm of mission focused prayer is being birthed in the West Midlands and Folkestone areas. Others have registered their interest wishing to establish further groups in Kent, Bournemouth, Liverpool, and Aberdeen. 

We welcome further interest from all across the UK and beyond. If you are would like to plant a FTSOTW prayer group in your area, please email info@forthesakeoftheworld.com to register your interest.

We are excited to see what God will do through our prayers as we join together to pray, For the Sake of the World.